Comprehensive Development Projects Interior Decoration and Conditioning

Specific branches:

· Paths & Designs Interioristas - General and Specific Advice decoration.
Treatments · Decorative Painting (walls and furniture).
· Base Paint and Wallpaper.
· Works in Plaster (furniture, moldings ...).
· Upholstery (furniture and draperies).
· Carpentry (custom made furniture, restoration, conditioning).
· Carpets and Wood Flooring.

· Reforms (construction, plumbing, electrical, ...).
· Aluminium and Glass Works.
· Lighting (product and installation).
· Gardening and Landscaping.
· Furniture Restoration.
· Locksmith.

We work with the most prestigious European firms in the field of interior decoration (suppliers of furniture, fabrics and decorative items).

Juan Carlos Morel

Graduate School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid, in 1985 he began his career as an interior designer in Madrid where he lives and develop their career for four years. He moved to live in Marbella in 1989 which provides a store opening and Interior Decoration and here is consolidated as a decorator, and his team of professionals in the field of decoration.

This shop works on today for the implementation of national and international projects. Juan Carlos Morel has conducted international projects in London, Casablanca, Paris, Miami, Dominican Republic, Newcastle, Bahamas, etc. His projects convey calm in a contemporary setting blended with the classic.


has a wealth of over twenty five years doing comprehensive projects Decor, Interior Design and Fitting. Our professional profile, and our own clients, leads us to work with the best firms in the world of decoration. In turn, we have a team of professionals that allows you fully customized projects.

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Functionality and aesthetic sense is reflected in the realization of this project, where the natural color and contrast in tissues and hardwoods merge to create this space.
The mix of contemporary styles with classic touch on some of the parts used and the contrast of modern painting make the stay relaxing and in turn has its criteria of elegance and comfort.
Juan Carlos Morel


C/ Ramón Gómez de la Serna, 23, Marbella - 29602

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